How should I market my B&B or gîte so I get a quick ROI? (Part 2)


4. Market your business in France with a leaflet which can be displayed at the local office de tourisme – check out the size of their leaflet dispensers before you design it. Print double-sided and put lots of photos on.

5. Make an A4 poster for UK marketing, it can be displayed in post offices, supermarkets and leisure clubs – anywhere where you have family or friends who are rooting for you to succeed. Don’t overlook the ‘trust factor’ involved in local advertising. Choose an eye-catching headline (big enough to be read a couple of metres away) use colour photos, succinct text (perhaps bullet-points) and clear contact details. Have your phone number on tear-off strips along the bottom – and replace the poster when it, or the strips, have been removed.


About Monsieur Gilbert

Monsieur G is an English Journalist, fluent in French, who has daily contact with French Estate Agents.
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