Investing in French Property?

If you’re considering buying a French property as an investment rather than somewhere to live then the maxim of ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘buyer beware’ applies even more than usual.

If you’re going to out-perform that disappointing pension fund you were counting on, then remember you make your money when you buy – not when you sell!

  • The best investment may be in a place where you wouldn’t necessarily want to live. Make the decision with your head not your heart or aesthetic judgement.
  • How seasonal is your rental potential? while ski or coastal resorts’ appeal is seasonal, capital cities offer all-year-round potential.
  • Choose a location with a strong demand and limited supply.
  • Buy under market value, this enables you to make your money when you sell.
  • Spot up-and-coming areas! Is a new airport being built?, Are budget airlines opening new routes?, Are lots of jobs being created in the area? Think in advance about your pool of future tenants and their access to your property.
  • Have an exit strategy. How easy will it be to sell up? If the answer to this is ‘not very’ then should you really be buying there? or should you really be paying so much?

About Monsieur Gilbert

Monsieur G is an English Journalist, fluent in French, who has daily contact with French Estate Agents.
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